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      1. 陜西德力工程設計有限公司

        Shaanxi Deli Engineering Design Co., Ltd.





        company culture

                  Shaanxi Deli Engineering Design Co., Ltd. (referred to as Deli Design) Is a comprehensive engineering design, engineering survey, engineering consulting enterprises. Over the years, Deli Design adheres to the sincere heart, pursues exquisite skills, continues to innovate, and is committed to becoming the creator of a better future and a better life.
                  Deli Design was founded in June 2012. After seven years, Deli Design has developed into a large-scale integrated design consulting enterprise which integrates engineering design, engineering survey, engineering consulting and other diversified parallel. There are many qualifications such as Highway engineering , Municipal engineering, Construction engineering, Landscape architecture, engineering survey, Light Steel structure, and had passed the certification of national quality management system, environmental management system and occupational health and safety management system.
                  At present, Deli Design business radiates all over the country. While devoting itself to making fine foundation plates, the company continuously introduces high-end talents, actively expands new fields, reaches strategic cooperation agreements with many scientific research institutions, and has made breakthroughs in Steel bridges, Assembly buildings, Ecological agriculture and other fields.
                  Deli Design firmly adheres to the belief that quality first and service highest. With the vision of creating a better future and a better life, Deli Design strives to become an international and diversified design industry brand enterprise.