Thursday, May 5, 2016

Side channel research in 2015: overview, statistics, and lots of new ideas!

This is the second time that we have produced a research review (thanks to everyone who commented on last year's effort!). Our review covers the many varied contributions to side channel research in the year 2015, and features five research themes:
  • Efficiently extracting all information from leakage traces
  • Furthering our understanding of fundamental statistical methods in the context of leakage attacks
  • Efficient key rank computation and enumeration
  • Attacking commodity devices
  • Lightweight ciphers
I want to give credit to the effort made by my colleagues (RAs and PhD students) who read and reread last year's published papers and helped me put together a (reasonably) comprehensive review of the main themes of last year's research results. Without them this would not have been possible. 

For what it matters, we have also updated citation counts and other quantitative information about papers (if you think that we missed something, then please let us know). 

You can find the review on the SILENT website.

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